Scientific Committee:

Daniel S. Amick
(Loyola University Chicago, USA),
Astolfo Araujo
(Universidade de Sâo Paulo, Brazil),
Carlos Aschero
(CONICET-Universidad de Tucumán, Argentina),
Cristina Bellelli
(CONICET–INAPL and Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina),
Eric Boëda
(Université Paris Ouest–CNRS, France),
Luis Alberto Borrero
(CONICET-IMHICIHU and Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina),
Laurenz Bourguignon
(Institut National de Recherches Archéologiques Préventives, France),
Adrian Burke
(Université de Montréal, Canada),
Phillip Carr
(University of South Alabama, USA),
María Teresa Civalero
(CONICET–INAPL and Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina),
Valeria Cortegoso
(CONICET-LPEH and Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentina),
Otis Crandell
(Universidade Federal de Paraná, Brazil),
Patricia Escola
(CONICET-Universidad Nacional de Catamarca, Argentina),
Nora Flegenheimer
(CONICET-Área de Arqueología Municipalidad de Necochea, Argentina),
Nora Franco
(CONICET-IMHICIHU and Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina),
Michael Glascock
(University of Missouri, USA),
Kelly Graf
(Texas A&M University, USA),
Patrick Julig
(Laurentian University, Canada),
Xavier Mangado
(Universidad de Barcelona, Spain),
María Estela Mansur
(CONICET and Universidad Nacional de Tierra del Fuego, Argentina),
César Méndez Melgar
(CIEP, Chile),
Yoshi Nishiaki
(University of Tokyo, Japan),
Ryan Parish
(University of Memphis, USA),
Marta Sánchez de la Torre
(Institut de Recherche sur les Archéomatériaux–Centre de Recherche en Physique appliquée à l’Archéologie, IRAMAT–CRP2A, France),
Charles Stern
(University of Colorado, Boulder, USA)
Robin Torrence
(Australian Museum, Sydney, Australia).

Organizing committee

Nora Franco
(CONICET-IMHICIHU and Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina),
Karen Borrazzo
(CONICET-IMHICIHU and Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina),
Jimena Alberti
Silvana Buscaglia
Analía Castro
(CONICET-INAPL, Argentina),
Alejandra Elías
(CONICET–INAPL, Argentina),
Patricia Brousse
(CONICET, Saavedra 15, Argentina),
Mariano Colombo
(Área de Museos de la Municipalidad de Necochea, Argentina),
Natalia Mazzia
(CONICET-Área de Arqueología Municipalidad de Necochea, Argentina),
Celeste Weitzel
(CONICET-Área de Arqueología Municipalidad de Necochea, Argentina),
Agueda Caro Petersen
(Museo de Ciencias Naturales, Necochea, Argentina),
Patricia L. Franco
Daniel Hereñú
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  • 1st Announcement
    Lithic artifacts are the most frequent items recovered in archaeological contexts dated from 3 million years ago to historical times, and they are present in...
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  • 2nd Announcement
    Call for Abstracts. We believe the symposium will lead to some very interesting and fruitful discussions. Hence, we invite you to send your...
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  • 3rd Announcement
    With this Announcement we would like to inform you that the deadline for submitting abstracts has been extended up to...
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  • 4th Announcement
    Locations – Accommodations - Poster and oral presentation guidelines – Optional Field trip (...)
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This 11th edition of the Symposium on Knappable Materials focuses on the identification and characterization of raw material sources, as well as on the provisioning and circulation of these materials. It will also emphasize the study of manufacturing techniques employed to produce artifacts and their use. In addition, it will delve into qualitative and archaeometric methodological approaches to both raw material and end products.

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Optional Field Trip

During the post symposium field excursion, we will visit archaeological localities and sites of geological interest in the Pampean region of Buenos Aires province. It will last 2 days

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